Thursday, 25 April 2019

Home School Routines
  • Monday Library Day Your child will have one library book per week. Please return  on the Friday of each week..
  • Monday - Thursday Home Readers   Your child will continue to bring a book home each night.  They continue to read each book for two days as this has proven successful this last term with improving both reading confidence and fluency.
  • Fluency Words  also go home daily.  Where possible just practice a few words each night..
  • Thursday Poetry Book  Your child will bring home their poem book home as well as a reader on Thursday. Please read and enjoy the poem and any publishing they have completed that week. and have them bring their poem book back to school on Friday with their library book.. Thank you!
  • Newsletters - are usually Tuesdays.
  • Room 2 loves Playing Outside.  To play in the sandpit children must be wearing a pair of shorts. (They could bring a pair in their bag). Also, as the weather gets cooler please include a jacket and woollen hat so that they stay warm while outside.  (Even a spare pair of clothes from more mucky players)


Welcome back!  
Have an exciting Term 2.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Lillith's Writing

I went on the aeroplane.
I got a bracelet.
I went with Nana.

by Lillith

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Publishing 27 March

I went to the jungle with
Lestat, Damian and me.

“I like chocolate” said Damian.
Damian likes banana cake.

I went to my new house.
I like my new sink.

I am going with Dad.
I am hunting.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

More Great Stories

I love cake. I like colourful cake.
I am looking at cake.
                          Jan Lee

This is my house.  This is my
Mummy. My mummy has a nice
name. Her name is Flores.

I like praying mantis. I found
it on the bushes.

I found a dead bird that was
in two pieces.  I was going to
connect it together again.

Published Work

Me and little Connor are playing.

This is a tank with firing guns.

In my house there is a kitchen and a freezer.

Sadie and I are playing.

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Fly Feet

I think flies
are very rude, 
to walk their
fly feet
over food.
I go Whack!
But those flies
keep coming back!

Buzzing here

and buzzing there,
fly feet, fly feet